Working Title: Missing

Engine: RMVXA

Gameplay Genres: Adventure/Visual Novel/Action RPG lite

Narrative Genres: Mystery, Gothic, Historical, Paranormal

Status: Pre-Production

Plot Summary: Mrs. Katherine Watere wakes in her bed, steeped in the silence of her husband’s lonely mansion with the servants staring down at her and her head throbbing.

She was in an accident. Mr. Watere? Dead. Her daughter? …What daughter?

If the servants who’ve served her for years are to be believed, then Elizabeth – her only child and dear, sweet daughter – never existed. Her only child was stillborn. And indeed, all traces of little Lizzy are gone.

Is Katherine simply going mad? Is the grief reshaping her memory and mutilating her mind? The strange scenes and nightmarish encounters she sees at night seem to suggest so, but the widow isn’t ready to give up on her pride and joy so easily. To find her, Katherine will have to search for evidence of her daughter’s existence by day…and traverse the visions dancing before her by night. The truth lies buried beneath the natural and the unnatural, tucked away below her feet and under her eyes.

Comments: A small scale side project.


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