New Writing/Game Design Blog

My Writing/Game Design Blog

I’ve just started a new writing blog! While I have this website for my games, and a separate website for my books, I wanted a more informal environment to interact with readers and gamers, other writers, and to share and discuss my own experiences.

As time goes by, the blog will feature writing and editing tips, poems, useful tools and resources, project previews, and more.

While much of it will be focused more on writing, there will also be tips and discussions regarding game design and development, and the occasional update or screenshot from my current game projects. I also plan to write and post a series of RPG Maker tutorials on the blog, soon.


Happy Birthday Update!

Happy Birthday is now available on Ace’s shiny new Steam Workshop!
I also took the opportunity to finally update the game to Version 2.2.

The overdo updates are mostly minor, consisting largely of fixes for bugs and typos that players pointed out or that I’ve noticed while watching Let’s Plays, with just a little bit of general editing and polish thrown in. The most notable addition is some new optional dialogue shown when presenting certain important clues to NPCs, for instance, (Highlight for spoilers!)you can get some new comments by passing around the Threatening Card, Landlady’s Identity?, and Ghost Stories towards the end of the game. There’s nothing that would make it worth it for a previous player to give it another go, but hopefully the updates will offer future players a slightly more polished experience.

Full change list:

  • Fixed various passability errors
  • Fixed various typos
  • Fixed a bug that forced clues to be selected in a specific order during a certain scene
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let the player re-enter the 2nd Floor Bathroom
  • Clarified the names and descriptions of some clues
  • Made menu full-screen and fixed color artifact errors
  • Shortened some pauses
  • Changed or lowered the volume on some SEs.
  • Added more optional, unique dialogue when presenting certain clues
  • Slightly expanded the dialogue during the intro and a few other minor scenes
  • Some very minor, miscellaneous text and dialogue edits

Baring some unexpected disaster, this is the final update. Any further improvements will have to wait on potential sequels.

With over 8,000 downloads across all its mirrors, lots of Let’s Plays and videos, a handful of reviews, and tons of comments on various sites, Happy Birthday certainly ended up garnering far more attention than I ever expected. I’ll definitely take the motivation and feedback with me to future projects. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s played.