New Writing/Game Design Blog

My Writing/Game Design Blog

I’ve just started a new writing blog! While I have this website for my games, and a separate website for my books, I wanted a more informal environment to interact with readers and gamers, other writers, and to share and discuss my own experiences.

As time goes by, the blog will feature writing and editing tips, poems, useful tools and resources, project previews, and more.

While much of it will be focused more on writing, there will also be tips and discussions regarding game design and development, and the occasional update or screenshot from my current game projects. I also plan to write and post a series of RPG Maker tutorials on the blog, soon.


New Website Launched

After thinking about it for a while, I have decided to separate my novel and game projects into two different websites.

My author website,, will now be the home for my novels and books, while this website, DawnSeeker Studio, will primarily list information on game projects.

Please pardon any dust.


New Writing Blog

After debating about it for a while, I’ve decided that I want to leave this website focused solely on my projects themselves. But as I’ve also decided that I want a more informal writing/personal blog, I’ve created a separate website for it – Writing at First Dark. Everything you need to know about my projects themselves is here at DSS, but if you’re interested in random musings or the process that goes on behind them, then check it out there.