Chains of Ivy (read now!)


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Full Title: Chains of Ivy

Genre: Fantasy

Tags: Tragedy, War, Revolt, Rebellion, Oppression, Slavery, Friendship, Romance, Fantasy

Status: Serial Novel – Two Chapters Available!

Length: Estimated 50k


The next to become leader in a society where the magically-able Lyrum rule over the stronger, longer-lived Humans, Felicia Anwell doesn’t like the look of her short future. But when she saves the life of a Human infant, everything changes.

As she grows close – perhaps too close – to a Human woman, she finds herself torn between the responsibility she has to her own people and the promise of rebellion. A rebellion that might not only grant freedom to the Humans, but to her, as well. Can she truly turn her back on her family and birthright? Should she?

A short prequel to Paragon that can also stand on its own.

Comments: A serial novel, being written, edited, and posted a chapter at a time on JukePop Serials.


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