RPG Maker VX (property of Enterbrain)

-Overall Creation, Concept, Story, Characters, and Design-:


-Graphic Resources-:

Game Over Screen (base image) by faeryofiris
BattleStart Images by Spydr, Mr. Monkey, shandy333, Timmah, and Mitchi
Graphic Fonts used from DaFont
Patterns used from Dinpattern
Brushes used from BlendFu and Obsidian Dawn
Map Background from Closet
Additional Tiles by Ayene, Metalxgod, rgangsta, heisenman, painhurt, gabrielusa911, Mack, Mr. Grim, Ying, murphmaster01, Aindra,
chocobo, Kazzador, Jalen, IceDragon, and Lunarea
Additional Sprites by EB/Tsukuru’s Blog, Between Truth And Fantasy, Mack, PinedaVX, Jessie, Nastasia, Cocodoco, Deebs,
qtpi0121, Avadan, VIII, landis17, Cyangmou, Matsuo Kaito, manat31790, Raven The Dark Angel, Xavioo, Kalez, Hanzo Kimura,
Closet, XaineC, Kaduki, relaypoint.web,, and Famitsu’s Generators
Portraits from Erangot’s character generator
Window Skin by Despite of Faded Productions, with some modifications from Closet
Icons by Kaduki, Zai, Scorneo, Vibrato, Whitecat, and Ying
Added Battlers by Sketcy-Sketch,,, and Closet
Parallax Images/Fogs used by heisenman and jebbou
Added Animations by Ariel
All other graphics/resources used are either RPGMaker VX or RPGMaker VXACE RTP defaults or created by TearsOfNightfall,any edits done by TearsOfNightfall

-Audio Resources-:

Music by amkrogh89, tidegusto, JeffMasterBee, valdred, doomslice, Isumi, ubermensch, Chimera, Da-Buzz (of, yamina-chan, toknotic, SweetyGirly, DrDisastro, Rast, Joerao, eweeparker, sethefricaa, Grzegorz, Christopher White, apoc, isaacsol, megatronx, StrangeJam (, Selcuk (MaestroRage) Bor, LadyArsenic, weirdbeard, timeSlider, ChronoNomad, moneymenace, Owlsey, EZaxess, NimleeSmudges, Exuriel, Powerslave, Naes Naniram, Jelly, and from,, and*

Sound Effects from inchadney, vixuxx, digifishmusic, JohnC, and from 3dmm Studio,,,

(*Note: These are artists and websites whom music was downloaded from. Not all downloaded tracks were actually used in game, so music from all mentioned artists and sources may not be present.)


R.I.B.S. Battle System by OriginalWij (which includes draw line by Modern Algebra)
Enhanced Battle Status Display by BigEd786 (with most graphics used in code done by Celianna)
Facial Values by SojaBird
Victory Aftermath (along with compatibility patches) by Yanfly
Quest System by Omega7
Enemy HP Bars by Jens009
Battle Transitions by Shanghai
Death Common Events by Shanghai
Battle Aggro by Yanfly
Ammo Requirements by Ty
Event Chase Player by Yanfly
Advanced Text System by Modern Algebra
Integrated Reserved Party by modern algebra
State Probability by Mithran
Critical Flash by Jens009
Custom Damage Formulas by Yanfly
Counter State by COTUS
Equipment Effects by KGC
Cooperation Skills by KGC
Reverse Damage State by KGC
Long Text Information Window by JFJohnny
Simple Reputation System by XIV (original pop-up window by OriginalWij)
Shop Scene by Yanfly
Expanded Equip Scene by KGC
Weather Script by ccoa and Agckuu Coceg
Full Screen Option by Game_guy (VX version) and Blizzard (original XP version)
MP Regeneration Per-Turn System by FenixFyreX and Rezna (original concept)
Enemy Reappear Fix by Yanfly
5 Battle Enhance Scripts by mizzl
Restored Functions by KGC
Skill Effects by KGC
State Descriptions by Leongon
Vampiric Weapons by Shanghai
Agility/Evasion Relationship by Mithran
Overkill by Shanghai
Battle BGM Flow From Map by Night Runner
Burst Gauge by wltr3565
Replace Regular Attack With Skills by Shanghai
Fancy Deaths by Shanghai
Battle Backgrounds by Elemental Crisis
Battle Screen Effects by Mr. Anonymous
Ladder Climbing Done Right by BigEd786
Confused Player Walk by Maximilian
Caterpillar System by Diedrupo (VX version) and Trickster (original XP version)
Thomas Edison Light Effects by BulletXt (based on original script by Kylock)
Fog Effects by Miget man12
Customize The Title Screen by Para Dog
Basic Menu + by Moghunter
Menu Background by BigEd786
Remove Save Option From Menu by puppeto4
FF IX-like Save Menu by BigEd786
Categorize Items by KGC
Sythesis Shop by Cylindrical
Window Effects by SporkOfDoom (fixed by FenixFyreX)
Title Effects by melmarvin
Save Complete Pop-Up by Mithran
Map Name Pop-Up by Moghunter
Chest Item Pop-Up by OriginalWij (edited by Dr.?)
Sub-Name By Party Index by Mithran
Predetermined Colors by BigEd786
Learn A Skill Items by Jet
Level Up Effects by Redyugi
Once Per Battle Skill by Mithran
Break States by Jet
Damage Percent Skills by Jet
Dash Stamina System by Jet
Sound Test by badnomis
Simple Enemy and Random Target AI Boost by Mithran
AI Packages by Kread-EX
Ice Sliding by Q
Custom Target Select by Yanfly
EVA/HIT/CRI States by puppeto4
Formation Changer by Timeaisis
Debug Speeder by Gammastar and Icon View Preview by Woratana were used during testing

All credits are accurate to the best of my ability, and all resources used were listed for free use or under a Creative Commons license. However, if you see something of yours in the project that isn’t properly credited, or that you would like removed from the project, just contact me and I will add your name to the credits or replace the resource immediately.


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