Drowning Dreams

Full Title: Drowning Dreams

Genre: Sci-Fi, Post Apocalyptic, Fantasy

Status: Pre-Production

Length: Estimated 50k – 80k words

Estimated Release Date: Winter/Spring 2013

Summary: Sander Cadby, an innocent-hearted, beaten-down journalist who has never quite felt at home in the world, dreams of nothing more than finding the sunken kingdom of Atlantis. Not only would it be the scoop of the century – enough to lift him out of poverty – but perhaps the chance for a home away from a culture driven by money, lust, and alcohol. Might there be a society still dwelling beneath the sea?

That’s why when he first wakes up in the lively submerged city, without any memory of how he got there, his feels ecstatic. Hope and joy overpower confusion and fear as he walks the shores of underwater beaches, marble halls, and coral gardens beneath a sky made of water and glass.

But is Atlantis truly the paradise it appears to be? Illness runs rampant, its people live without liberty, and the very structures that support the city threaten to collapse. How did this Atlantis truly come to be? What fate awaits its people? The answers may rest with Lorilyn Whitler, a strange young woman who has been watching him since his arrival.

What is the cost of glory and security? What is the toll of freedom? And which ultimately carries the heavier price?

Comments: A novel I’m planning for NaNoWriMo in November 2012.


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