Working Title: Glass

Engine: RMVXA

Gameplay Genres: Turn-Based RPG, Visual Novel

Narrative Genres: Mystery, Psychological Horror, Character Study

Status: Production

Plot Summary:

“the fragility of the human spirit is like glass – it can break at even the slightest disturbance. sometimes the pieces are big enough to easily put back together, and sometimes the fragments are so small that it is almost impossible to tell what they once were. but regardless of whatever beauty and perfection the original work held, and whether by accident or with will, each shattered piece carries an edge sharp enough to draw blood.”

The last thing 10-year-old Ervay remembers is sitting in his family’s car, but he wakes to find himself alone in an odd castle – a castle that holds entire villages all within the scope of its walls, and that grows increasingly twisted the further he descends. The only thing it lacks is an exit.

Confused, frightened, and separated from his parents, he has no other choice but to explore the corridors in search of his loved ones.

Along with many other strange faces, he soon meets a peculiar young woman who claims to have lived alone in the castle – her “world”, as she calls it – for years. Hostile and sarcastic, she’s hardly an image of comfort, but she might be his only hope when it comes to finding his family…or a way out.

What is this place? Why does it seem as if someone doesn’t want him to leave?

And will Ervay be strong enough to face those truths once he can no longer deny the answers in front of his face?

Comments: My current main project, and a remake of my first project a long while ago. Has a novel version, as well.

Preview Pics:


5 thoughts on “Glass

  1. Rivan Kazo says:

    Can’t wait for this! Thanks you!

  2. Petschko says:

    You last game was pretty awesome I will play you next game too =) Thank you so much for it!


  3. […] been putting a lot of time into Glass, my main game project, recently. After months of letting it sit on hiatus, I’m really pushing […]

  4. Joan Daniel Plata Aguilar says:

    Keep at it. You’re awesome!

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