Nocturnal Eyes


Full Title: Nocturnal Eyes

Genre: Horror, Supernatural

Tags: Animal Protagonists, Ghosts, Murder, Haunted House, Parent/Child Relationships

Status: First Draft Complete!

Length: 50k


Belle is nothing but a typical country beauty. Content to spend her hours sunbathing on the patio, sinking her teeth into the shed mice, and dozing off in her favorite human’s lap, her feline life is lazy and easy. But things are shifting in the Morland household. She may not be able to understand their words, but she can hear the mother and father growling and young Mary whimpering in her room. When Belle is yanked from the only home she’s even known to start a new life with her family in a smelly old house, her comfortable days are shattered completely.

There’s something in those walls. There’s something under that floor. There’s something sinister and sad. Something that the humans can’t see. And it’s reaching out for Mary. Can Belle and River, the family dog, keep the visitor from wrapping its bloody fingers around Mary’s small hands before the girl falls into a sleep from which she’ll never wake up?

Comments: Not my best work, but it was fun to write. I may try to fix it up at some point.


One thought on “Nocturnal Eyes

  1. […] as of a week or so ago, I finally finished the first draft of my third novel, Nocturnal Eyes. Writing it was…interesting. Many of my works (both novels and games) have horror elements, […]

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