Engine: RPGMaker VX
Gameplay Genre:
Turn-based RPG, with some Visual Novel elements
Narrative Genres: Character Study, Mystery, Suspense, Psychological
Rating: Will likely ultimately be the equivalent of a ‘T’ rating for occasional language, mild suggestive themes, mild thematic blood, drug references, alcohol references, and references to other potentially sensitive issues
Length Estimate: The next demo will feature roughly 6 – 10 hours of gameplay, the full game will feature roughly 20 – 22
Progress Estimate:
• Mapping: 50%
• Eventing: 40%
• Story: 90%
• Database: 25%
• Scripting: 100%
• Overall Progress: 45%
Notes: The first project I started, and that’s been on and off in production for a good while now.

♦ A turn-based RPG using the R.I.B.S. battle system, and enhanced with other scripts such as HUDs, a burst gage, MP regeneration, and state descriptions

♦ A story-driven narrative with a non-traditional RPG plot – there’s no wars, ancient legends, magical artifacts, or saving the world involved here

♦ No random encounters – enemies appear on the map; they’ll chase you if you get too close, but if you have a high enough level, they’ll flee instead

♦ Collect scattered journal entries to uncover more about the plot and its characters

♦ Complete hidden objectives to unlock powerful skills for each character

♦ Some chests are rigged – if you choose the wrong compartment, you could end up losing HP instead of gaining an item

♦ Several optional activities including sidequests, a training tower late in game, fishing, and cooking

♦ Enhanced visually and gameplay-wise with a total of over 70 scripts for light and fog effects, character faces that shift depending on remaining HP, battle aftermath, expanded shop and equip scenes, a message system, random battle transitions, battle backgrounds, a caterpillar system, a stamina system, a quest book, and more!


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