Full Title: Paragon

Genre: High-Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Thriller, Romance

Tags: Villain Protagonists, War, Revenge, Tragedy, Murder, Betrayal

Status: Third Draft Complete! Undergoing revision

Length: 125k+ words


In a world torn apart by two warring species, a young scientist known only as ‘Amaranth’ seeks to shape it into his ideal of a perfect paragon. His research is going nowhere, but might there still be a way? A strange organization that knows his real name seems to think so.

There are enemies on every side. He’ll have to confront the strong, advanced Humans, the enchanted, short-lived Lyrum, and his own darkness lying in wait. But along with his childhood friend and soldier companion, Shakaya, he sets out to ‘rewrite’ their tortured reality with the power the world’s original creator left behind…even if he has to murder to do it.

Is it his right to judge all of Auratessa, or is he opening a pandora’s box? After all, the way to rebirth is always through death.

What is that defines a beautiful world?

Comments: A novel with the first draft finished over the months of June and August for Camp NaNoWriMo 2012. My first completed novel draft.


Detailed Summary:

If you could, would you change the world?

Auratessa, a small, infantile domain. It houses two main intelligent species: the Humans, strong, hardy creatures with long lives and blessed with an uncanny gift for science and technology, and the Lyrum, fragile, beautiful beings with short lives but the ability to produce ‘Translation’ – effects similar to those referred to in folktales as ‘magic’.

As young as it is Auratessa has already claimed a stormy history. For as long as the records reach back, the Humans and the Lyrum have competed violently to advance their own societies and become the world’s dominate species.

For the first 700 years, this title belonged to the Lyrum, who used their abilities to enslave almost the entire Human race into livestock that performed labor that the physically weak Lyrum were unable or unwilling to do. However, this age didn’t last. Beneath their noses, Humans began to develop their own culture and the first traces of technology. Eventually, a brutal revolt was launched that lead to the Humans turning the tide of history around to become the world’s ruling creatures. Lyrum began to live in relative obscurity and many suffer as specimens for the Human’s research.

Now, it’s year 978. And an eccentric young man, living only under the title of “Amaranth”, has a vision.

Residing in the Human capital city of Auratessa as a budding scientist of one of the world’s most prestigious academies, he seeks to create a “perfect world” – a paragon of society. A specialist in the field of Lyrum genetics, he conducts experiments to try and find ways to enhance the Human race. Along with Shakaya Johanne, one of the organization’s soldiers and an inseparable companion, he struggles amidst daily frustration. His research is going nowhere.

But might there still be another way to sculpt his “perfect world”? A mysterious organization called the Vermillion Butterfly seems to think so.

There is a way to undo history. There is a way to rewrite the world.

But is it his right to judge all of Auratessa, or is he opening a pandora’s box? After all, the way to rebirth is always through death. To rebuild the world, he’ll first have to destroy it.


3 thoughts on “Paragon

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