Perfect Virus

Full Title: Perfect Virus

Genre: Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic, Thriller

Status: Production

Length: Estimated 80k – 100k words

Estimated Release Date: 2013

Summary: Humankind is an endangered species.

It’s the virus that’s to blame; a strange illness that swept through the populace like wildfire. All it takes to get infected is a scratch, a bite, a kiss. Those who succumb are reduced to nothing more than than Primitives: mindless, violent, and cannibalistic animals who could be called the undead if not for the fact that they still breathe. As far as anyone knows, there is no cure.

What’s left of intelligent humanity is left huddled in Bulwarks – a series of fortresses monitored and created by Anti-Virus: a world-wide organization bent on protecting what’s left of the species from the virus destroying it. The origin of the group and of the disease itself is equally uncertain.

But when a young woman named Eden Ashcroft stumbles upon a rather peculiar boy – a boy with large white wings spreading from his shoulders and gills on his neck – the answers the species has been seeking just might be staring her in the face if she chooses to see them. Does the boy hold the key to the origin of the virus – and the cure – that humanity needs?

Comments: A side-project novel slowly being worked on during spare time.


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