Strange Frontier


Working Title: Strange Frontier

Engine: RMVXA

Gameplay Genres: Action RPG/Dating Sim/Farming Sim

Narrative Genres: Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery

Status: Hiatus; may resume once Glass is finished.

Plot Summary: When you and ninty-nine other people – men, women, and children – wake from cryosleep in an abandoned laboratory without any idea of how you got there and why, the world outside the walls may prove stranger still. You emerge into a jungle, surrounded by nothing but animals and unknown noises lurking in the dark. With no other humans in sight, and nothing but bare blue sky and water as far as your eyes can see, you have no choice but to adapt if you wish to survive. Danger is abundant, but so are resources – food, water, and maybe even a chance at love and a stable life. Can you carve out an existence for yourself, all the while discovering the secrets of the laboratory and your way home? Can you survive this strange frontier?

Comments: Larger in scope than my usual projects.

Preview Pics:

IntroLab IntroBeach DrainRoom ClinicRoom


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