Speak the Sky


Full Title: Speak the Sky: the Animus Murders

Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller

Tags: Post-Apocalyptic, Survival Game, Murder, LGBTQ, Sky Pirates

Status: First Draft in Progress

Length: Estimated 200k+


“close your eyes and speak the sky into existence”

340 years ago, the human race was all but wiped out by an unexplained, violent plague. Like the water that carried it, the River Virus spread downwards, and society looked to the sky to survive. Survivors built colonies into high cliffs and atop towers, where humankind has continued clinging to life.

But altitude was not enough to fend off the disease haunting the air. Animus, the recently discovered 119th element, is the savior of the human race.

Sometimes called the “magic” or “miracle” particle, Animus is both a preventative and an antibiotic – it not only protects citizens from the disease, but also serves as a power supply in a world where electricity has been lost. Without sufficient Animus, most would succumb to the virus and perish. Animus is the currency that keeps the “New World” alive.

Most survivors live their entire lives within the bounds of a single colony, but there is one exception – the sky pirates.

Such is the life of Rhema June, a young woman desperately trying to gather enough Animus to keep her dying younger brother alive. With each passing day he falls further into the depths of illness – she’s fighting a battle she can’t win.

That’s why she carefully considers the letter when it finds its way into her hands: a mysterious invitation claiming that she has been selected as a contestant in a strange tournament. The winner will receive an almost frightening amount of Animus – more than enough to give her ill brother a long and full life.

But there is more to the contest than meets the eye. Only one contestant will survive. To win is to kill, and to survive is to murder.

Who is behind the game and why? What is Animus really, and why did it suddenly appear in their time of need?

And most importantly, are the answers something she can accept in exchange for the only chance she has to save the person she promised to protect?

Comments: A long side-project slowly being written.


One thought on “Speak the Sky

  1. […] I achieved the 25k goal (was originally 50k, but I lowered it down early on) I had with my novel, Speak the Sky. It wasn’t as much as I wanted to get done, but I did get passed whatever strange block I had […]

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