The Blue Crown

The Blue Crown

Full Title: The Blue Crown

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Character Study

Tags: Apocalyptic, Royalty, Survival, Conspiracy, Tragedy

Status: First Draft in Progress

Length: Estimated 50k – 80k words


The Queen of Lemuria, a deteriorating city tucked away beneath a dome at the bottom of the sea, is nearing the end of her days. And in concern for what remains of her people, she chooses not the princess, Ellis Raihall, as her heir, but her daughter’s long-time rival.

Ellis sinks into rage, but when she prays to her god for the throne she feels should be hers, the last thing she expects is an answer. Lemuria will undergo seven days of trials. If she can protect the city, then the crown is hers. But can a ruler who wants nothing but power really save her people?

When she finds a man in a wrecked machine – a man without fins or blue skin – things just get stranger. Who is he? What are the trials for? And just what is Lemuria, really?

Comments: Written for NaNoWriMo 2013.


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