The Ivy Inn

Full Title: The Ivy Inn

Genre: Horror, Paranormal, Mystery, Tragedy

Status: Production

Length: Estimated 50k – 80k words

Estimated Release Date: Winter/Spring 2013

Summary: Sidetracked by the weather on a trip meant to bring inspiration and respite from their quarreling family, twin sisters Mercy and Grace find themselves stopping for a night – just one night – at the infamous Ivy Inn.

A curious, grim hotel, the Ivy Inn has been the site of not only many murders and suicides throughout the years, but also marriage proposals, confessions, and career changing decisions. Locally, it’s something of an urban legend. Surely the strange happenings are nothing but the compiling result of its reputation, right? After all, Mercy’s imagination is outmatched only by her practicality; such things are nothing but stories, just like those her publishing company is impatiently waiting for her to submit.

But when Mercy wakes to find herself hovering over the edge of the hotel roof, and with Grace nowhere to be found, her stay at the Ivy Inn just might last a few nights longer than originally intended. Will the aid of a naive and nervous ghost hunter and a melancholy, listless detective be enough to find her sister?

Will she be able to walk out hand-in-hand with Grace, or will she be forced to walk out alone? Will she be able to leave at all?

Comments: A side-project novel slowly being worked on during spare time.


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