Other Concepts

This page contains loose story or gameplay concepts that I intend to use at some point, but currently are not part of any active or directly upcoming project.


Code Name: Project Remote

Engine: Probably RPGMaker VXACE, possibly XNA Game Studio

Gameplay Genres: Action RPG, Dungeon Crawler

Narrative Genres: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Tragedy

Comments: A curious, short little experiment I’d like to make at some point, that uses the player his/herself as a narrative character, as well as being slightly more gameplay focused than my typical projects.


Code Name: Project Swan

Engine: RMVXA

Gameplay Genres: Action RPG

Narrative Genres: Fantasy, Apocalyptic, Tragedy

Comments: A simple, smaller-scale project.


Code Name: Project Lemuria

Engine: RPGMaker VXACE

Gameplay Genres: Turn-based RPG

Narrative Genres: Sci-Fi

Comments: A game project that has actually already been started, but is currently in a semi-sort of hiatus until my schedule opens up a bit more.


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