Winter’s Garden (screenplay)


Full Title: Winter’s Garden (A Little Town on Top of Hell)

Genre: Mystery, Paranormal, Horror

Tags: Small Town, Journalism, Investigation, Murder, Sacrifices, Supernatural, Missing Child

Status: First Draft in Progress

Length: Estimated 120 – 150 pages


Sander Cadby joined Lucid Lens, a popular paranormal magazine, to record the truth, not to tell lies. But that’s what the magazine does, and because he refuses to take part, he finds himself stuck as an editor and office worker, not the journalist he wanted to be. He won’t give up until he’s found the real-life story that can shake up both the world and his career.

When he hears about a secluded, snowy village called Whitewood Ridge, he may just have found his big break. It’s positively brimming with ghost stories – some even say the dead walk the streets alongside the living, and only the annual sacrifice of a young man and a young woman on the first day of winter can sate them. But sacrifices haven’t been performed for years…have they? So why are so many young people going missing? …And why do flowers bloom all throughout the winter?

As a reporter, his job is to find and speak the truth, but the answers he gets might be more than he bargained for.

Comments: My first screenplay, mostly written just for fun and experimentation.


One thought on “Winter’s Garden (screenplay)

  1. […] 100 page goal for the script, Winter’s Garden, wasn’t as successful, though. I ended up stopping at 50 pages, so I managed exactly half. It […]

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